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The Impacts of Oil, palm on Recent Deforestation and

Corley RHV, Tinker PBH. Arino O, Ramos Perez JJ, Kalogirou V, Bontemps S, Defourny P, Van Bogaert. Annual carbon emissions from gross tropical deforestation are estimated.270 Gt CO2013 10, contributing nearly 10 of the global total of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. We used a threshold suitability value of 30, which we based on the lower bound of the 95 confidence interval of suitability for 200 random points inside sample plantations with a minimum distance of 1 km between points. We digitized deforested land within each sample area from the satellite imagery using ArcMap.2. For clarity, we refer to the FAO harvested area data as planted area in the rest of our analyses, since the time from planting until the first harvest is approximately.5 years 23, much shorter than the intervals of our measurement. We also thank. This certification system requires the producers to follow several criteria including transparency of management, conservation of natural resources and the execution of social and environmental impact assessments. Both trends are relative to 2013 values, thus both reach 100 in 2013.

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Carlson KM, Curran LM, Ratnasari D, Pittman AM, Soares-Filho BS, Asner GP, Trigg SN, Gaveau DA, Lawrence D, Rodrigues. The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection. Potts J, Lynch M, Wilkings A, Hupp G, Cunningham M, Voora. NGOs have raised concerns about the monitoring and enforcement of standards for certification 15, 16,. The World Database on Protected Areas (wdpa)Internet. Areas classified as having low deforestation rates were cleared before our starting date of 1989, a date we set based solely on the availability of global satellite datasets. In contrast, in Africa the total area of oil palm plantations has fluctuated considerably in the sample countries.

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Vulnerable forest areas for (a) mammals and (b) birds within the 10 percent richest global land area for threatened (blue small-ranged (red or both (purple) mammal and bird species (Jenkins. Our study period began later than this, in 1989, due to cloud cover issues and gaps in the Landsat TM data. Second, we examined what proportion of these sites were recently deforested and compared this to trends in the FAOs estimates of the total area planted in oil palm. Improving the performance of the roundtable on sustainable palm oil for nature conservation. Values for the suitability models range from 0100 with 100 representing areas most suited to oil palm cultivation. In summary, we observe two main trends in deforestation within sample countries. Because the gaez suitability used represents high-input rain-fed agriculture, not all sample plantations fit the suitability criteria and we excluded 4 of the 200 points that had zero suitability. The dominance of palm oil may be explained by the yield of the oil palm crop, over four times that of other oil crops 6, as well as its low price and versatility as an ingredient in many processed goods. Currently, there are.51 million hectares of rspo certified oil palm plantations producing.18 million tonnes of palm oil, making up 21 of global palm oil production.

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From the resulting maps, we attempted to identify areas of high conservation value within the forest vulnerable to oil palm in each region. Cambridge (MA Union of Concerned Scientists; 2014. Henders S, Persson UM, Kastner. For change analysis at each sample site, we acquired Landsat 45 TM and Landsat 7 ETM (SLC-on) images for three periods: 19841990, 19942000, with some variation based on the availability of cloud-free imagery. Once we determined suitable areas for oil palm plantations, we estimated the forest area within these areas that may be vulnerable to oil palm development. While the country trends mostly match the regional deforestation trends, some individual countries deviate. This scenario suggests a rapid transition from forest to plantation, resulting in higher levels of deforestation during the study period. We also find that conservation priorities depend on taxa and selection criteria. Expansion of oil palm at the expense of natural forest is a conservation concern in all regions.

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21 made a global assessment of land cover changes for the expansion of agriculture in the tropics, they decided to classify using only five land cover types to reduce these types of errors. A fully random selection of sites based on age would have been prohibitively time consuming, if even possible with available satellite imagery and mapping algorithms. Examination of the deforestation trend in Southeast Asia shows that deforestation within plantations occurred more rapidly between 19, whereas in South America, the deforestation trend appeared to be linear during the study period. Deforestation in Central America: Spanish legacy and North American consumers. The replacement of natural forests with monoculture palm plantations reduces overall plant diversity and eliminates the many animal species that depend on natural forests 30, 31,. Agro-industrial plantations in Central Africa, risks and opportunities.

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On the other hand, prioritizing for only small-ranged mammals would target more areas of Mesoamerica, coastal Colombia and Ecuador, the Congo Basin, eastern Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Applying this strategy, our results indicate that, even if biodiversity of vertebrate taxa were an agreed upon priority, the areas selected for conservation would depend on the specific taxa and vulnerability criteria. (PDF) Acknowledgments We thank.H. We also used these sources to identify regions within each country (e.g. As we stated in the previous section, accessibility may be a factor important in determining the areas most likely to be developed for oil palm. We then compared these trends to countrywide trends in FAO data for oil palm planted area. The net increase was lowest for DRC ( Fig 4C ) and Nigeria ( Fig 4D ) with periods of dramatic decline in the area planted for both. Depending on patterns of displacement of crops and farmers, cropland conversion for oil palm expansion may be less damaging for biodiversity than forest conversion. Protected areas are a primary strategy for species conservation, but there remain questions about which places to protect. Fig 4 shows the trends in two metrics relative to their 2013 value: the total area of oil palm plantation FAO reports (open circle) and the percent deforested in our sample plantation (solid triangle).

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Introduction, african oil palm elaeis guineensis, jacq.) is a tropical crop grown primarily for the production of palm oil. Forest and row crops) are more reliably identified than those between similar cover types (e.g. World production of palm oil. Our methods reflect the limited availability of historical high-resolution imagery. Do these Subject Areas make sense for this article? The percent changes in these quantities over the study period are given in Table 2 for all countries. While Southeast Asia is currently responsible for 68 of the area planted in oil palm, there is rapid expansion in other regions (faostat, Fig 1B ). Indonesia ( Fig 4G ) and Malaysia ( Fig 4H ) are typical of countries where deforestation mirrors increases in planted area.

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Protected areas cover one-fifth of the country. Biodiversity Analysis Having identified areas presently vulnerable to oil palm, we explored conservation prioritization based on the richness of threatened and small-range species of birds and mammals. Processes of inclusion and adverse incorporation: oil palm and agrarian change in Sumatra, Indonesia. It is the worlds highest yielding and least expensive vegetable oil, making it the preferred cooking oil for millions of people globally and a source of biodiesel. Szott L, Ibrahim M, Beer.

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Biodiversity Assessment for Vulnerable Forest Areas To estimate the potential impact on biodiversity of oil palm related deforestation, we analysed species range data for mammals and birds 28,. Prioritizing for only threatened birds, like for mammals, would target large areas of the Amazon and Indonesia. Each panel represents one sample year, with the deforested area in that year outlined in black and the 2013 oil palm planted area outlined in red. The growth in demand for palm oil has led to a large expansion of the land used to produce. Annual global automated modis vegetation continuous fields (MOD44B) at 250 m spatial resolution for data years beginning day 65, 20002010, collection 5 percent tree cover. The CME offering can be used to earn Continuing Medical Education credits. Fuelling Exclusion?: The Biofuels Boom and Poor Peoples Access to Land. In our assessment of vulnerable forest areas, we excluded the iucn category I and II areas but did not exclude other protected areas and indigenous areas. May-Toben C, Goodman. For example, when Gibbs.

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Available from:. In areas where we observed low levels of deforestation for oil palm, we suspect that cropland or previously degraded land was converted to plantation area. More than 180 governments, companies, indigenous peoples organizations, and non-governmental organizations have signed the New York Declaration on Forests (nydf). Moreover, the 1996 ban on deforestation reduced deforestation for crop expansion. 20 Feb 27; Available from:. The history of export monoculture in the region may explain this.

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First, we identified current oil palm plantations in 20 countries using high-resolution imagery. Almost all oil palm grows in areas that were once tropical moist forests, some of them quite recently. Therefore, we overlaid the number of small-ranged and threatened species with baseline oil palm vulnerable forests, as determined by the analysis above. Another estimate of deforestation (49 for oil palm plantations in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, was similar to our estimates at the country scale. To scale up from country to regional deforestation trends within areas currently occupied by oil palm, we calculated the weighted average of individual country trends with weights based on FAO 2013 total oil palm harvested area. Castiblanco C, Etter A, Aide. A combination of small-range and threatened mammal species would prioritize areas of the Amazon, Brazilian Atlantic Forest, Liberia, Cameroon, Malaysia, and western Indonesia. Vulnerable forests in all four regions of production contain globally high concentrations of mammal and bird species at risk of extinction. One study found that 50 of Indonesian and Malaysian oil palm plantations in 2005 were on land that was forest in 1990. Government regulation and voluntary market interventions can help incentivize the expansion of oil palm plantations in ways that protect biodiversity-rich ecosystems.

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It may indicate other uses such as pasture or annual row crops before conversion to oil palm. Today, consumer pressure is pushing companies toward deforestation-free sources of palm oil. If this is the case for all regions of production, the two approaches could be combined to address both likelihood of development and biodiversity conservation. Finally, we assessed which forests have high agricultural suitability for future oil palm development, which we refer to as vulnerable forests, and identified critical areas for biodiversity that oil palm expansion threatens. 2014 May 29;332. Deforested area suitable for oil palm is shown in each region at two times, present (light blue) and projected for 2080 (dark blue). In Thailand and the Philippines, none of the sample plantation sites came from deforested areas, while Asia overall had the highest net deforestation for sample oil palm plantation areas (45). Loading metrics, open Access, peer-reviewed, research Article x, figures.

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