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, audio output and a guessing game like that on the regular homepage. It had no forum, no user registration facility, vocabulary trainer or smartphone app, just a search feature powered by a database of around 120,000 German-English entries (courtesy of TU Chemnitz / Frank Richter). More can be added in the "Contribute!" section, using the newly added buttons within the review forms. The beta test can be started here: m/apps/testing/cc.

The link to the referring forum or contribute page is added automatically in most cases, so the recipient will know immediately what you're talking about. The trainer now also accepts any of the other answers and moves the corresponding card to the next box, but it will keep asking for the missing answer. More information about other voters appears when moving the mouse over the "Other opinions" column. If you sent an email to paul at and have not received an answer, please resend your message. An often requested feature is now ready to use: From now on it's possible for registered users to check the status of their input and their modification proposals.

This baby has completed its 12th month alive and online! I'd ask for your understanding! The list of users has been adapted to reflect this change (last activity instead of last login). Gldelig jul og godt nytr! Finally finished checking all. Thanks to all the editors involved for supporting this project! Yet again 100,000 translations were added in almost exactly half a year. Unfortunately not all browsers support the technology needed, so currently it's only available in Chrome. There's a new add-on for Firefox.5, enabling you to display translations from in a sidebar while surfing.

The minimum Android version has been raised to 6, because on Android 5 the older app version is a bit faster. New feature: Forgot nickname. Logging in is possible using either the user name or the e-mail address, so a user name is not needed for people who just use the vocabulary trainer or the app. Now, when a posting in the forum gets flagged as spam, the corresponding user (recognized by his/her IP address) is automatically blocked from accessing. New: Automatic reassignment in case of text changes in the dictionary, automatic assignment for new recordings. Estit Boi i sretna Nova Godina! If an answer is recognized as correct, the next question appears automatically. Examples: begriffest, unsres, abonniertet, Abbildern : Changes concerning voting accuracy and guidelines: Labels, as displayed next to the input / review forms (like., adj, adv) will not be taken into account when calculating the voting accuracy index.

If anybody has an idea why this ratio is so low, please tell me! 12 years of! The translation forum now contains 20'000 questions and 47'686 answers! Since however, I cannot gain my object in any other way than by giving these pages to the world in a printed form, and since they will unavoidably fall into unclean hands, I feel myself constrained,. '-.-' _ ' _ _.'. Translation counter exceeds 250.000 verified entries.

We find in it, for instance, single words, names, sentences, and indeed entire experiments, printed in the Hebrew and Chaldean languages. We're not there yet, but we're already doing quite well in that area, too. Contribute: Split feature ready to use! Example (Buaya) : Multi-word query results pages improved (examples: weg sein, guinea pig, sich abrackern, kitchen sink Sorting algorithm improved, divider between exact matches and matches containing the keywords. Thanks to DANiEL notthoff! Now you can handle the form quite ok using Tab, Space and Esc (Windows IE/FF work best). I will spend the next days watching the process, fixing problems and answering questions. Daher wnscht allen seinen Usern eine ganz frohes Fest und einen super Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Third new language pair leaves beta phase: Icelandic-German! For additional visibility I added the subject filtering links to the Contribute / New Entries page (right part, tools section).

If it is similar to the address of a known spammer, the posting will not be stored. I'm working intensively on solving them. Muhamed works with me in the office, gives advice and helps assembling all the language-related information needs (inflection tables, guidelines, tags, links). The link to the buildup page Add Your Language on the homepage of is now visible to all VP5 users. Every time I'm on a new website I have to find and click the close button before I can use the site. Users keep suggesting additional links for the "context menu" (see the triangle buttons next to each search result). From today on it's possible to send messages to registered users via a contact form.

Now it's possible to check new German/English translations in batch mode. Android App Beta version released! Updated the "add a translation" input form. To get back to the search input field, you just need to press any letter key from today on (Windows only). The first million requests were accomplished within 8 months, the second million within only.5! If it doesn't work on your specific device or if there are any bugs or problems, please notify me at! New server almost set up - should be ready within the next days. More numbers for the records: 28,518 registered contributors (out of 215,078 registered users 1,086,591 German-English translations, 1,249,827 translation entries in all other language pairs combined.

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