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Uber - User Experience Design, portfolio of Simon Pan
testing, I killed the idea in favor of a more simplified and balanced interface that reflected what Riders were focussed. Unsere Kontaktdaten finden Sie hier. Mehr Infos, sie mchten noch schneller und erfolgreicher lernen? Februar 2013 Menschen.2 Portfolio PDF1,2 MB8 Seiten. Februar 2013, hrbeispiel 3, modul 6, Aufgabe 1MP3 Audio590 KB. Grundstzlich unterscheidet man dabei zwischen der Ausschttung und der Thesaurierung. Suboptimal routes given to Driver, riders were frustrated with the specific routes that the Driver used in getting to their pickup location. From Inaccurate to Precise Better Understanding Where the Rider Is A major reason problematic pickups occurred were because getting an Uber relied heavily on the Rider explicitly setting a precise pickup location to meet. If Uber is confident of the Rider's location, it does all the heavy lifting.

They rely on the default device location of the app. Working backwards from Perfect, before I could jump into designing, it was important to define success and understand the health of the pickup experience at scale. The framework helped shift from unproductive questions like How is this going to degrade for Nairobi? Concept design. After testing many iterations of this experience, we repeatedly observed that: Ambiguity and resolution concepts were mostly missed. To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. Intelligent pickups Making trips efficient required that we move beyond dispatching the closest car, to dispatching the most optimal* car. Kickoff, picking up the pieces, at the outset of the project we didnt have a clear mission or specific goals for the pickup experience. Central to the features, were these key ideas: Stop relying on the Rider setting their pickup location. Balancing smart defaults with choice and control.

To our surprise, not a single participant noticed the different sequencing of the flow or had trouble with. Was hilft mir beim Lernen? Curiosity revealed an opportunity to perfect the pickup experience for everyone, everywhere. Riders assumed that the app knew their current location and didnt actively look to confirm. We needed to respect Rider control and agency. Motion study by Peter. The system needed to be smart enough to just work when it could, and humble enough to intervene when it couldn't. On November 2nd, 2016 the new Rider app launched globallyan impressive achievement by the team, considering that it was a complete redesign and rebuild from scratch. Digging into the data revealed some big insights into the pickup experience. Explorations of the en route screen.

Reframing the Problem Poorly formed rendezvous plans cause downstream pickup problems The Rider app exacerbates the formation of problematic pickup plans between Riders and Drivers. Rufen Sie einfach an und vereinbaren Sie einen Termin fr ein virtuelles Treffen mit uns. This was the beginnings of a working north star. However, contact rate has not been significantly decreased which means Riders and Drivers continue to contact each other to confirm or coordinate pickup details. Give riders more control over their time and money. The challenge was shifting from set your pickup to where and how do you want to go? Do the heavy lifting on behalf of the Rider. Waiting time translates directly into network under-utilization and every phone call costs to anonymize. Januar 2012, wie lerne ich? Our goals were to understand the challenges Riders and Drivers faced and the workarounds they employed.

Datum, besteuerungs hyphen;anlass 4, vor Teilfreistellung, 2, steuerpflichtig nach Teilfreistellung. Disparate features and experiments competed for focus. To How might we enable a destination first design for cities without a traditional addressing system? Was sind meine Ziele? Sie erhalten dafr die Portfolio-Mustervorlagen als Word- und PDF-Datei. The system would test different labels and self-optimize based on the quality of the pickup experience. It was also useful in unlocking more advantages, such as providing the user with upfront fares, estimated arrival times and allowing more time for the device GPS to warm up to aid the pickup experience. Most pickups require additional physical or coordination effort. Starting at the end In order to optimize the pickup experience, there was only one thing we needed to knowthe Rider's destination. Uber saves you time without you needing to select a pickup.

Hier ist Ihr Menschen-Portfolio! How we got there Perfect the pickup for everyone, everywhere Three primary questions informed my design strategy: How do you design for everyone, everywhere? Sie suchen einen persnlichen Lernbegleiter? This begged the question, how might we help Riders and Drivers form a better pickup plan? November 2016 Hrbeispiel 1 Modul 3, Aufgabe 1MP3 Audio5,8 MB. Concept design in collaboration with Scott Silverman and Peter. We found that there were structural patterns inherent in their communication, which inspired the Geotalker feature. Problematic pickup plans consist of inaccurate locations, ambiguous information and inefficient routes which causes confusion.

Riders expected Uber to do the work and didn't feel the need to reiterate. Design in collaboration with Scott Silverman. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklren Sie sich hiermit einverstanden. 45 of sessions have an improved GPS accuracy by the time of request. I started out by creating a concept model for wayfinding and spatial cognition. Shifting the posture of the UI from setting pickup location, to focussing on where and how the Riders wants to travel.

Although I was not part of this process, it was great to see most of my work brought to life. This meant the UI needed to inspire confidence for the majority, and those who wanted to assert control needed to know how to discover the feature. The exercise helped me come up with the idea that features of the urban environment could have different levels of salience, depending on the point of view of the Rider or Driver. Ausschttung, fondsart 1, mischfonds, gltig ab, teilfreistellungssatz 2 15,00,. The Discovery, rider Expectations Changed Over Time, i was surprised by the issues we found. The time and energy spent recovering during problematic pickup situations was having a material impact on the business bottom line. Soli maximal mgliche zzgl. Whrung 2020, vP 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00, eUR 2019/20, a 0,15 0,02 0,13 0,13 0,03, eUR 2019, vP 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00, eUR 2018/19. A map of the pickup journey broken into two phases: forming the pickup plan and executing the pickup plan.

Based on these insights, I proposed two key feature ideas Destination First and Live Locations to help better understand where the Rider. Riders expected Uber routing to be smarter. Right design is the Geotalker experiment in the existing Rider app. Creating heuristics to decide the optimal spot. Januar 2012 2 Ist Ihr Kurs fertig mit Modul 1? However, given the speculative nature of the idea and reliance on a quality location data set, we decided to experiment with a less intelligent version in the existing app.

Designs in collaboration with Scott Silverman and Peter. Fundamental usability was challenged. By 2016, Uber delivered over 3 million rides a day in over 400 cities across 70 countries. I unpacked the concept of the perfect pickup and modeled for the dimensions of time, space and anxiety. The situations attempt to highlight situational challenges that everyone experiences. Otherwise, the app prompts the Rider to validate their location. During our research trip in India, we observed many wayfinding challenges. Photo credit Scott Silverman Geotalker Geotalker is a place description framework that mirrors how the human mind organizes spatial knowledge. Pin setters and button mashers. Portfolio, pDF726 KB8 Seiten.

A more inclusive design The existing Uber app was poorly designed for users who werent reflections of people that work in the San Francisco Uber office. The most accurate GPS location is obtained at the last possible momentat the time of request. I mapped all the possible concepts and translated this into the spectrums and situations framework. Carve out more time for the GPS to warm. Without much debate, the team agreed that asking Where to? In a city like San Francisco, over 1 million was wasted per week because of problematic pickups. Riders behave in two distinct ways. Liebe Kund*innen, aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie sind aktuell keine Beratungstermine vor Ort mglich. We've got your back When Uber isnt sure about your current location, youll be prompted to help.

Our proposal was Rendezvous, a pickup plan created on behalf of Riders and Drivers. Our ambitions were to create a strong foundation that embraced a rapidly evolving business and more diverse user base. I stopped working on the project during the detailed visual design phase as the app started to be built. The Impact Positive results and much more to do The redesign of the Uber Rider app on iOS and Android has had a positive impact on the pickup experience, at the time of writing (3 months since launch). Instead of starting with a San Francisco-centric design and degrading for what the team deemed as the other challenging marketplaces we needed to start with a minimum bar of quality to enable rides for people in all contexts. However, we weren't trying to revert to a simple past. Not doing so, causes the Driver to be sent to the default device location, which half the time is wildly inaccurate.

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