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University of Kelaniya - Sri Lanka
new Bachelor of Business Management (General) Second Year Examination - 2015. Call us for any querry, 105, 106, our Team,. Convocations for all degrees, conducting written Examinations, notified Exam. Click here for Results, wed,.36PM new Bachelor of Arts(General) Degree First Year Examination 2015 - maco tcrm results have been released. D.T.A.C.D DissanayakeStaff Management Assistant. H.P.T ShanthalalOffice Machine Operator (Grade I). D.I.L GanegodaSenior Staff Management Assistant. Registration of the Students, registration of the students of all the Faculties is carried out at the beginning of every academic year by the Academic Branch of the University.

U.G.N.S.KumaraWorks Aide (Grade III) ilakarathnaWorks Aide (Grade III). Certificate Course in Vastu, department of Sanskrit Eastern Studies. A.R AmarasekaraStaff Management Assistant,. DushankaManagement Assistant Grade III. Examination Division, university of Kelaniya, coordinated, examination. D.D.S SewwandiManagement Assistant Grade III. Click here for List1, click here for List2, tFri,.03 PM new Bachelor of Arts(General) Degree First Year Examination 2015 - arch results have been released. PereraSenior Staff Computer Operator.

Click here for Results, fri,.36AM new Bachelor of Business Management (General) First Year Examination - 2015. Certificate Course in Yoga Philosopy, institute/Centre Name, course Name. Latest News special Notice Bachelor of Art(General) Degree Registration - 2018/19 click here for notice, thu,.42PM special Notice The Centre for Distance and Continuing Education is closed till 2021.05.10 click here for notice, tue,.20PM special Notice All. Click here for Results, click here for Graduate Lists, tue,.40AM new Bachelor of Art 2nd year examination Admissions- 2015 Click here for admission Mon,.15PM » New Bachelor of Commerce(Special) First, Second,Third, Fourth Part II, Part III Examinations-2015. Click here for admission, click here for notice, click here for timetable. T.A.H SiriwardanaManagement Assistant (Grade I). The necessary notifications at the time of each examination and providing rules and instructions on conducting written examinations are carried out by this division.

Read More, contact us now. Information Communication Technology Centre, mS Office, graphic Designing. This division carrying out the registration of new students, and students Administrative registration of all the faculties. DinushikaManagement Assistant Grade III. Certificate Course in Astrology, department of Sanskrit Eastern Studies. Read More, contact us now, call us for any querry nior Assistant Registrar. Click here for Seminar Timetable, thu,.43PM special Notice Bachelor of Arts(Gen) - Appeals have been called for the 2016 First Year Examination (Students who registered in 2007,2008 academic years) click here for notice, thu,.02PM new Bachelor of Art(General).

H.G.S.WasanthiSenior Staff Assistant,. SepalikaManagement Assistant Grade I,. Contact Us Please feel free to contact us Tel : Email. RathnayakaManagement Assistant (Grade III) egodaManagement Assistant (Grade.I) chintha GeethanjanaManagement Assistant (Grade III), machine Operator Works Aide,. Web Designing, computer Hardware. For Students, courses, meeting, following Scholarship Gold Medals, about. G.L.D.V.W PereraManagement Assistant (Grade III). Note: subjects only, click here for results. Academic Division, university of Kelaniya, academic Calendar, notices.

K.B.S.L nior Assistant Registrar, bA (Kelaniya MBA (PIM - SJP), our Staff, mrs. Department of Linguistics, certificate Course in Sinhala, department of Linguistics, certificate Course in Tamil, department of Sanskrit Eastern Studies. Academic Division takes major part of the student registration. Mon,.15PM new Bachelor of Art first year examination 2015 - Graduate Lists. Faculty Name, department Name, course Name, faculty of Humanities.

Bachelor of Arts (General) Degree First Examination - 2011 Results.

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