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What Defines a Meme?

But of course neither legalised/institutionalised slavery nor legalised/institutionalised torture is morally required, quite the contrary. These special cases notwithstanding, for most of human history memes and language have gone hand in glove. Presumably, this is not torture because the members of the crowd are not under the police officers control; specifically, they are not defenceless in the face of the cattle prodder. Also Read, day after Thackeray's lockdown warning, Maharashtra reports biggest spike. However, it has been suggested by Steinhoff (2010) and (2013) that torturing the guilty can in many cases be understood as torturing the guilty in self-defence. In particular, it is difficult to see how torturing (but not killing) the guilty terrorist and saving the lives of thousands could be morally worse than refraining from torturing him and allowing him to murder thousands torturing the terrorist.

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Hofstadter gaily declared himself infected by the meme meme. This is because killing an attacker is directly connected to the desired outcome of removing the threat; indeed, to kill the attacker is to remove the threat. A woman who is being raped but who is, nevertheless, still in control of the movement of her jaws sinks her teeth into the face of her attacker causing him excruciating pain against which he is defenceless, until finally he desists. Understood in its minimal sense, breaking a persons will is causing that person to abandon autonomous decision-making in relation to some narrowly circumscribed area of life and for a limited period. The quality of all custom papers written by our team is important to us; that is why we are so attentive to the application process and employ only those writers who can produce great essays and other kinds of written assignments. A meme, Dennett says, is an information-packet with attitude.

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Even compared with genes, memes are hard to mathematize or even to define rigorously. However, some commentators, notably Alan Dershowitz, have argued that legalised torture could be justified, if the torture in question was restricted to extreme emergency situations and subjected to appropriate accountability mechanisms. Whether you are looking for essay, coursework, research, or term paper help, or with any other assignments, it is no problem for. Memes are complex units, distinct and memorableunits with staying power. The main objective of National Science Day is to bring awareness to people about the importance of science in our daily life and to encourage people by popularizing Science and Technology. Police in organisations in which offenders are routinely tortured do not, unsurprisingly, tend to develop respect for the moral rights of offenders, suspects, or even witnesses. Proceed to order page Order your essay today and save 20 with the discount code: essayhelp Order Now.

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Accordingly, social institutions and their component organisations are like very large ocean liners that cannot slow down, speed up, or change direction very easily. Like a gene, their average length is about 2,000 characters. (But see Arrigo 2004.) However, their moral absolutism is not without its own problems: specifically, in relation to torturing the guilty few for the purpose of saving the innocent many. It has leapt aboard and is noweven as you read this viral sentencepropagating itself madly throughout the ideosphere! Unfortunately, the terrorist is refusing to talk and time is slipping away. Further, the police have no alternative methods by which to avoid the death of the innocent. Yet now millions of people have quite a clear ideabased on replicas of copies of rather poorly painted portraits. At best, torture is morally justified in some one-off emergencies just as murder and cannibalism might be morally excusable in a one-off emergency on the high seas, or desertion from the field of battle might be morally justifiable given.

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The police know the terrorist in question. It was bad enough to say that a person is merely a genes way of making more genes. That is, in order for it to be an instance of torture, B has to be defenceless. Dawkins made his own jump from the evolution of genes to the evolution of ideas. However, torture proper has as its starting point the failure of coercion, or that coercion is not even going to be attempted. Ours is the age of virality: viral education, viral marketing, viral e-mail and video and networking. Many of them, he wrote, are literally wired up together in electronic mail exchange. However, it does not follow from this that being killed is preferable to being tortured. He said of Grafton Gaol, in particular, that it had a regime of terror, brutal, savage and sometimes sadistic (Nagle 1978: 108).

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Lust, likewise, according to Milton: Eve, whose eye darted contagious fire. More recently, we have the Rampart Reports documenting extensive police brutality including extra-judicial killings (Parks 2000, 87109; Rampart Independent Review Panel 2000, 1114) and, in the wake of the Rodney King beating, the report of the Christopher Commission into. Like them, they tend to perpetuate their structure and to breed; they too can fuse, recombine, segregate their content; indeed they too can evolve, and in this evolution selection must surely play an important role. Moreover, it is widely reported in the media that Al Qaeda, for example, has in the past sought to acquire a nuclear device to detonate in a western city and the 9/11 attacks and bombings in Bali, London, Madrid. This does not mean that there are not important differences between, say, police services in authoritarian states and those in contemporary (though not necessarily historical) liberal democratic states; obviously there are. Limited forms of torture were legal in Israel prior to 1999, but illegal post 1999.

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Or: rhyme and rhythm help bits of text get remembered. Specifically, he has argued for torture warrants of the kind introduced for a time in Israel (Dershowitz 2003, 2004; and Wisnewski 2008). It is plausible, therefore, that there are some imaginable circumstances in which it is morally permissible to torture someone. This is consistent with their retaining control over their actions and making a rational decision to, say, hand over their wallet when told to do so by a robber who threatens to shoot them dead (albeit painlessly) if they dont. How do these commentators justify their position? This may not be what George Washington looked like then, a tour guide was overheard saying of the Gilbert Stuart portrait at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but this is what he looks like now. It is better to legalise alcohol, because then it can be contained and controlled. The day must be observed with the same diligence every year. One of the terrorists has been captured by the police, and if he can be made to disclose the location of the device then the police can probably disarm it and thereby save the lives of thousands. Understood in its maximal sense, breaking a persons will involves reaching the endpoint of the kind of process Sussman describes above,.e., the point at which the victims will is subsumed by the will of the torturer.

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