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Already existing WikiProjects can be found in the directory of WikiProjects. Essays like information pages have no official status, and do not speak for the Wikipedia community as they may be created and edited without overall community oversight. Under the criteria for speedy deletion, these types of pages are subject to expeditious deletion. Article SummaryX, before you start writing something, regardless of whether its creative or academic, do some research on your subject so you have a better sense of how to begin. Category:Wikipedia Manual of Style contains style guidelines widely accepted among editors. See historical for more details. Pages within project namespace The project namespace pages are organized according to their function within the overall project schema. For information about WikiProjects, see. This includes Wikipedia official policies and guidelines, process pages, discussion pages, optional essays, maintenance pages, informative pages, and historical pages.

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For summaries of key policies, see List of policies. The Wikipedia community has historically tolerated a wide range of Wikipedia related subjects and viewpoints on user pages. Try not to worry if your free writing is good writing, and instead just focus on getting your creativity flowing! Flesh out your academic outline by writing down the arguments and examples youll use to support your argument, and what conclusion youre drawing with those examples. If youre writing an academic essay, write down your thesis, which is your central argument. See below for more information. Information and discussions Many pages in the Wikipedia namespace have nothing to do with rules or implementation of those rules, and thus do not belong in the above categories. Category:Wikipedia guidelines contains consensual rules-of-thumb that are not strict, but are considered by most editors to be useful most of the time. Essays can be long monologues or short theses, serious or funny, informative or opinionated.

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See WP:Local consensus for more details. Pages within the "Project namespace" themselves are not part of the encyclopedia proper. Essays and information pages in the "Wikipedia namespace" should not be used to create an alternative rule set. (e.g., Wikipedia:Dusty articles ). Before creating a new page, you should consider looking through the topical index, essay directory and help directory to see if the material belongs at a page that already exists. The Community Portal includes categorized links to the more commonly used pages related to the project. They are kept as a record of past Wikipedia processes to give context to historical discussions and to inform future discussions on similar topics. If the project is under a parent WikiProject, a notice should be posted there as well. The Disputed tag template is typically used for claims that an essay, WikiProject advice or information page was recently assigned guideline or policy status without proper or sufficient consensus being established.

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Discussion and noticeboard pages Some pages are designed for discussions, such as the Village pumps. Project namespace banners See Wikipedia:Template messages/Wikipedia namespace for a listing of Wikipedia namespace banners. Editors may not violate copyrights or harass anywhere on Wikipedia. However, if youre happy with the way its turned out, edit your piece for grammar, clarity, and sentence structure. A link to the Community Portal page is available in the sidebar. WP: or the standard (for any, mediaWiki site) prefix, project. There is a large amount of overlap between the Help namespace (which provides mainly technical information) and the Wikipedia namespace (which provides mainly procedural information and interpretation). Its namespace number is four (4). Many WikiProjects compose " advice essays " about how to apply Wikipedia's policies and guidelines to their specific subject area.

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See Template:Supplement for more information. Category:Wikipedia policies contains important rules that are widely accepted and procedures for important processes such as deletion; there are relatively few of those. The climax is the turning point in your story, which is when your main character will overcome the conflict. For general recommendations about the creation and improvement of existing guideline and policy pages, see Wikipedia:Policy writing is hard. Creating new project pages Further information: Wikipedia:Avoid writing redundant essays and Wikipedia:Content forking/Internal  Policy forks See also: Wikipedia:User pages  What may I have in my user pages?, and Wikipedia:Drafts  Creating and editing drafts Essays and information pages may. Follow that with a couple of ideas for your rising action, which should lead to your climax. If a project page clearly satisfies a "general" speedy deletion criterion, it should be tagged with the appropriate template.

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However, if editing can improve the page, this should be done rather than deleting the page. How-to and information pages Informative and instructional pages are typically edited by the community; while not policies or guidelines themselves, they are intended to supplement or clarify Wikipedia guidelines, policies, or other Wikipedia processes and practices that are communal norms. Maintenance pages Maintenance pages are used to help facilitate the organization and clean-up of articles to bring them up to encyclopedic standards. For lists of pages in the project namespace, see: A main gateway for the project namespace is Community portal. They can also be reached by alias. The project namespace is not a free web host and should not be used as a long-term archive to host pages that look like articles. Once youve written your first draft, take a break from your work if you can, so you can come back to it with fresh eyes. See Wikipedia:Essays for more information. The template does not indicate a "higher status" within the community for an essay, but is used to denote that the essay in question has wide acceptance to be linked from said policy or guideline page. Content, further information: Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines  Not part of the encyclopedia, and, wikipedia:Be bold  Wikipedia namespace, see also: Wikipedia:User pages  What may I not have in my user pages?

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See Wikipedia maintenance for details. See Help:Searching for more information. Then, once youre ready to write, draft a quick outline for your piece. For more tips from our Academic co-author, including how to develop a unique writing voice, read on! For a complete listing of past and current project namespace deletion requests at MfD, see all MfD pages with Wikipedia prefix.

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It is strongly recommended that you propose a WikiProject at the proposal page, if there are enough willing editors to participate in the project. The project namespace or, wikipedia namespace is a namespace consisting of administration pages with information or discussion about, wikipedia. Essays, information pages, and other informal pages that are only supported by a small minority of the community may be moved to the primary author's userspace over deletion. See Wikipedia:The difference between policies, guidelines and essays for more information. In comparison to policies and guidelines, information pages, like essay pages, have a limited status, and can reflect varying levels of consensus and vetting. The project namespace contains many pages and a lot of information. If youre already comfortable with the subject matter, you can also try free-writing for 10 minutes. Consequently, they do not generally need to conform to the same content protocols or style conventions as articles.

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To ask a question or make a request, see the request directory. See WP:inactivewp for more details. However, this can be confusing, because. For a listing of essays, see the essay directory. For issues only affecting specific revisions on a page (where other page versions are fine) revision delete is usually more appropriate. These pages are typically marked with the Information page, Wikipedia how-to, or Supplement template. For a listing of how-to and information pages, see the help directory.

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While many of these pages operate like talk pages, some of them have posting rules (at the top of the page) which may be administratively enforced, and they also have their own talk pages, usually about the management. WikiProject pages, which are included in the Wikipedia namespace, are usually referred to as WikiProject pages to distinguish them from project pages as a whole. For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the dashboard. Process pages Process pages help facilitate application of the policies and guidelines governing all Wikipedia pages (e.g., Wikipedia:Articles for deletion ). Prior to that, an index of related pages was maintained at Wikipedia utilities, which remained for some time afterwards at Wikipedia:Utilities.

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If you dont, try rewriting! See Wikipedia processes for details. Creation of new guideline and policy pages require discussion and a high level of consensus from the entire community before publication (see WP:proposal for procedural details). Historical pages A historical page or process is one which is no longer in use, or is no longer relevant or consensus has changed about its content. Wikimedia projects at meta. Terminology, project pages or Wikipedia pages are pages in the Wikipedia and Wikipedia talk namespaces. Deletion of project pages Main page: Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion See also: Wikipedia:User pages  Deletion of user pages, and Wikipedia:Drafts  Deleting a draft The usual deletion process is to post a request at miscellany for deletion to have project pages deleted. Stalled or abandoned drafts and pages in the project namespace that violate policies applicable to non-content pages may be subject to deletion. Project namespace search By default Wikipedia's search engine is restricted to the Article namespace.

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