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It is not necessary to state that an acronym is an acronym. If using more precise terms like word acronym and initialism, please link to Acronym#Nomenclature, where they are explained for readers. When not written out in full on the first use on a page, an acronym should be linked. Doing business.b.a. Or E (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) Freeway Fwy. Terminology edit An initialism is usually formed from some or all of the initial letters of words in a phrase. FM frequency modulation hdmi high-definition multimedia interface HIV human immunodeficiency virus.e. Nato as distinct from the case where the initialism is said as a string of individual letters (e.g. Mr and aren't ).

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Damit dir das Schreiben deiner Bachelorarbeit leichter gelingt sowie das Erstellen der Gliederung, zeigt dir 1a-Studi mehrere. Contractions that contain an apostrophe (don't, shouldn't, she'd) never take a period (except at the end of a sentence, of course). In general, a full form is as acceptable as a shortened form, but there are exceptions.g. Or Dr Doctor of Medicine ( Medicin Doctor ) MD Doctor of Philosophy ( Philosophi Doctor ) PhD Honorable Hon. Korrekturlesen Lektorat deiner Hausarbeit Du hast deine Hausarbeit fertig geschrieben? They should not be used in infoboxes, nor in citations (except in an article using a published citation style that requires it). Im internationalen Sprachgebrauch versteht man darunter eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit, die zum Abschluss eines, bachelor -Studiengangs von Studierenden verfasst wird. For shortening long titles of works, see. (California TX (Texas Yorks.

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Exceptions edit Countries and multinational unions edit For these commonly-referred-to entities, the full name does not need to be written out in full on first use, nor provided on first use in parentheses after the full name if written out. Publications Pub., Pubs., Pubs Publishing Pubg. Nasa National Aeronautics and Space Administration PC personal computer Does not need to be written out in full on first use, nor provided on first use in parentheses after the full term if written out. Or Dr in British English. Should be used over et cetera. 2 Die Bachelorarbeit ist in der Regel entweder die letzte Prfungsleistung oder die vorletzte Prfungsleistung vor der mndlichen Abschlussprfung. Vs./vs/v./v versus (against / in contrast to) They do not need to be linked or explained with abbr. Or Blvd East. For more guidance on the capitalisation of acronyms, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Capital letters#Acronyms. In running text, more natural wording is often better the US state of Georgia "US-based Great Northern Railway "the Labour Party of the UK though this may depend on context.

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To save space, acronyms should be used as disambiguators, when necessary. Herein, the term acronym applies collectively to initialisms. Den Autor recherchieren und dann anschreiben/anrufen, ob er dir Fragen beantworten kann. As an example, for New Zealand gross national product, use NZ and GNP, with a link if the term has not already been written out:. Do not link or explain in normal usage. Contractions edit See TfM Further information: Wikipedia:List of English contractions A contraction is an abbreviation of one or more words that has some or all of the middle letters removed but retains the first and final letters (e.g. Examples: "Commander-in-Chief" is generally abbreviated CinC on its own, but may appear in all-caps when used in a longer acronym (especially.S. Template as with most foreign words and phrases : Anno Domini, circa, exempli gratia, et cetera, id est. For example, " Great Northern Railway (US) " should redirect to " Great Northern Railway (U.S.) " (or the other way around).

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It should not be italicised in normal usage. USB universal serial bus Acronyms in page titles edit See also: Wikipedia:Article titles  Article title format Acronyms should be used in a page name if the subject is known primarily by its abbreviation and that abbreviation is primarily associated with the subject (e.g. They can be used in tables when space is tight but should be marked up with abbr template on first occurrence. A few other Latinisms that are sometimes abbreviated (or replaced by symbols) but sometimes written out have become so assimilated they do not need italics, such as "percent" / "per cent". Certain placenames may use particular contractions (see  Special considerations, below). Or SE (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) South West or Southwest.W. Or NW (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) Road.

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The abbreviations are preferred over United States and United Kingdom, for brevity. Hochschulgesetze und auf Ebene der Bildungsinstitutionen durch die jeweiligen. 5 von 5 - 1 Bewertungen Vielen Dank fr die Bewertung dieses Beitrags. Exempli gratia for example Should not be italicised, linked, or written out in full in normal usage. Informiere dich hier weiter ber unsere Korrektur- und Prfleistungen: zu deinen Korrekturdiensten War dieser Artikel hilfreich? Or W (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) Organisation name elements Academy Acad. Mit der erfolgreichen Bachelorarbeit fhrt der Student den Nachweis, dass er in der Lage ist, nach dem erfolgreichen Studium eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit unter Betreuung eines Hochschullehrers selbstndig zu verfassen. In other contexts, use "vs." when abbreviation is necessary (e.g., in a compact table). Time zones edit Abbreviations for time zones (e.g.

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Ein Lehr- und Lernbuch zur Gestaltung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten (2. Revised It should only be used in references. 3 Fr die Bachelorarbeit ist in Deutschland ein Bearbeitungsumfang von 6 bis 12 ects -Punkten vorzusehen. Some British/Commonwealth news publishers have begun dropping the dots from all abbreviations. Abbreviations in placenames should follow the most common rendering found in reliable sources for that particular locale; this will most often match the official name of the place. Or Hwy (the term is not generally used outside of North America) Motorway Mwy (the term is not generally used in North America) Mountain Mtn. Word(s) Abbreviation Places Avenue Ave. Acronym Expansion Notes AD anno Domini in the year of our Lord Should not be written out in full in dates and does not need to be linked.

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Unicode abbreviation ligatures edit Do not use Unicode characters that put an abbreviation into a single character (unless the character itself is the subject of the text.g. Remember that Wikipedia does not have the same space constraints as paper. Bachelorarbeit Beispiele nach Fachbereich, eine, bachelorarbeit unterscheidet sich nach Fachbereich und Art (theoretisch oder empirisch) und somit der Aufbau. Bei der Anfertigung der Bachelorarbeit knnen Ratgeber zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten helfen. BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BC before Christ Should not be written out in full in dates and does not need to be linked. Expanded forms edit See TfM Main page: Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Abbreviations  Formation and usage Do not apply initial capitals or any other form of emphasis in a full term that is a common-noun phrase, just because capitals are used in its. See this RfC for additional information. And arr., which will display a mouse-over tooltip expanding the abbreviation. The abbreviation style used in"tions from written sources should always be written exactly as in the original source, unless it is a Wikipedia-made translation.

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4 Samac, Klaus, Prenner, Monika, Schwetz, Herbert (2011 Die Bachelorarbeit an Universitt und Fachhochschule. Bachelorarbeit Beispiele online finden Eine gute Vorlage ist oftmals fr Erstabsolventen die perfekte Vorlage, um ihre eigene perfekte Hausarbeit zu schreiben. Or Sgt Corporal Cpl. Or Ltd Limited liability company (or partnership) LLC (LLP) Public limited company plc or PLC Manufacturing Mfg. Aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopdie, zur Navigation springen, zur Suche springen. Emphasis : Do not apply special style, such as small caps, to acronyms. They lived near Courtyard., not They lived near Courtyard.).

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Or SW (use only in street addresses, coordinates, and other special contexts, not in usual text) Street. Many acronyms are used for several things; naming a page with the full name helps to avoid clashes. Nasa ; in contrast, consensus has rejected moving Central Intelligence Agency to its acronym, in view of arguments that the full name is used in professional and academic publications). This defies the major British style guides on this matter and produces too many ambiguities for encyclopedic writing. Plurals : Plural acronyms are written with a lower-case s after the abbreviation, without an apostrophe, unless full points are used between the letters (e.g. Except in verbatim material such as titles and"tions. Or St Senior Snr (not to be confused with. Etc.) but not for a shortening that is used in speech (e.g.

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Many language formatting templates have a parameter that deals with this for you. Under such circumstances, an article should be named with the spelled-out phrase and the acronym should be a disambiguation page providing descriptive links to all of them. Is preferred over circa, ca,., approximately, or approx. Grin ist der grte Anbieter, wenn es um das Thema wissenschaftliche Arbeiten und Hausarbeiten geht. Die 1a-Studi Bewertung soll dir zeigen, was an der jeweiligen Bachelorarbeiten gut gelungen. Radar radio detection and ranging scuba self-contained underwater breathing apparatus sonar sound navigation and ranging TV television Generally use "TV" in most articles except historic articles and cultural or scholarly discussions,.g. An manchen Hochschulen kann die Frist einmalig verlngert werden. Symbols edit Unit symbols edit Main page: Wikipedia:Manual of Style  Units of measurement Miscellaneous symbols edit The ampersand ( a replacement for the word and, should only be used in small spaces such as tables and infoboxes, but, preferably, should be avoided even there. State) " Great Northern Railway (U.S.) " and " Labour Party (UK) ".

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Or Maj Captain Capt. This guideline covers the use of abbreviations including acronyms and initialisms, contractions, and other shortenings as used in the, english Wikipedia. Literal, or literal translation It should be linked (usually to Literal translation, unless some other meaning is meant) on first use, unless abbr is used to explain. 1a-Studi hilft dir fr ein bestmgliches Ergebnis im Studium. Acronyms as disambiguators edit Main page: Wikipedia:Manual of Style  US and.S. For abbreviations used by Wikipedians in discussion on talk pages and other non-article pages, see. Eine Investition in das Lesen des 1a-Studi Leitfadens fr eine perfekte Hausarbeit lohnt sich genau so viel, wie die Beschaffung einer guten Inspirationsvorlage.

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